The characteristics of bank

Special Characteristics of Grameen Bank Sponsored: Special Characteristics of Grameen Bank A bank of poor people: Grameen Bank is only bank where poor people can access into it.

The characteristics of bank

Specialized Lending Entities Comptoirs Main Characteristics The Lebanese banking system is endowed with several characteristics that promote the role of Beirut as a regional financial center, in terms of ensuring protection for foreign capital and earnings.

Moreover, no restrictions are put on the free flow of capital and earnings into and out of the Lebanese economy. All banks managers and employees who are exposed to the banks activities, cannot reveal what they know concerning their clients names, assets or holdings to any party whatsoever whether individuals or public authority, be it administrative, military or judicial.

Moreover, in case of request presented by the judiciary authorities for cases of illicit accumulation of wealth, banks cannot refrain from revealing the necessary information.

Interests, revenues and income from all credit accounts opened in banks, including savings accounts, except for accounts opened in the name of the government, the municipalities, the public institutions, the diplomatic missions and foreign consulates in Lebanon.

Interests and revenues from deposits and other bank liabilities in any currency, including those belonging to non-residents. Interests, income and revenues from fiduciary and portfolio management accounts.

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Revenues and interests from certificates of deposit issued by all banks and debt securities issued by joint-stock companies. These accounts are opened in the name of several persons and can be used by any one of these persons.

In case one of the account holders is declared bankrupt, the account becomes the ownership of the bankrupt party, unless it is proven otherwise.

The lifting of bank secrecy on the account is non operational without it being declared by all partners. In case any litigation occurs among the different holders of the account, the bank shall freeze the account from the day it receives notification of the litigation and until it is settled by the courts.

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This convention aims to prevent money laundering operations. Lately, the Lebanese banks association issued new due diligence measures to be applied by banks.Whether you're applying for your first credit card or you've had one for a while and are wanting an upgrade, knowing the characteristics to look for in a good card can help you narrow your options.

Using the broadest definition of the phrase, a community bank is a financial institution that serves a specific and narrow geographic area.

However, this definition doesn't touch on the culture a community bank creates both within and outside its walls.

The four qualities of cooperative banking.

The characteristics of bank

Rabobank believes that mutual cooperation and partnership are the best means for reaching its goals. After all, you stand stronger together than alone.

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Because of our faith in this cooperative concept, we maintain the following four qualities in all our products and services, wherever we are active in.

The FDIC now ensures commercial bank deposits up to $, Even if your bank gets robbed or the CEO steals all the deposits and flees the country, the government will return your deposit to you. Any money in the bank past the $, limit, however, is still technically at risk. Characteristics of a Credit Card Here are eight key factors of a credit card you should search for and compare before signing up for the credit card offer.

1) Type of card. Credit cards are all different, but they can be divided into three main groups: secured cards, regular cards and premium ones. The Role of Bank Regulation and Supervision Framework, Bank Specific and Market Specific Factors, Financial Markets, Institutions & Instruments, , 20, 2, 29Wiley Online Library 2 Fotios Pasiouras, Chrysovalantis Gaganis, Are the financial characteristics of acquired banks similar across the EU?

The characteristics of bank
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