Laurents-hatcher playwriting award competition

Opening night is Thursday, February 9, The four finalists will be heard in staged readings February 8 - 10,during the Festival of New Plays celebrating new work. When a cryptic but ominous letter arrives from her brother on the oil fields, thirteen-year-old Cozbi sets off for Anwar, Alaska to find him.

Laurents-hatcher playwriting award competition

To stay in school, or take to the streets and advocate for justice? That was the question. Brandon Gill and Hampton Fluker Jeremy Daniel The young, politically-minded playwright found the answer as he examined the Black Lives Matter movement and its ties to the Civil Rights Movement in s America—two complex flashpoints in the history of American social justice.

Holder melded art and activism to create Too Heavy for Your Pocket. Set in Nashville inToo Heavy for Your Pocket is a story about a group of four young African-American friends whose closeness is suddenly disrupted when one of them decides to join the Freedom Riders.

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As Bowzie weighs up the rare chance to go to college over the very real dangers of participating in the Civil Rights Movement, their worlds begin to shift around them. Following a world premiere earlier this year at the Alliance Theatre, produced in arrangement with Roundabout Theatre CompanyToo Heavy for Your Pocket arrived in New York in September as part of Roundabout Underground, a new play initiative that is now celebrating its tenth year of cultivating vital new voices in American theatre.

Too Heavy for Your Pocket opened October 5 to strong reviews, and recently extended through November The Playwrights of Roundabout Underground: This new play hub enables emerging playwrights to see their works produced in a full production under the auspices of Roundabout Theatre Company and its artistic and financial resources.

In addition, each Roundabout Underground playwright is given a commission for a future play, ensuring that their work will continue to have an artistic home.

Where did the inspiration for this story come from? As the Black Lives Matter movement was gaining momentum [around me], it felt like the right time to investigate the Civil Rights Movement—this moment in time when my grandparents were my age, and begin to question how they dealt with it.

I was interested in what lessons we could learn from today. I was at the Yale School of Drama and I was having trouble writing.

A lot of my friends were feeling the same way.

laurents-hatcher playwriting award competition

That was the major impulse for this scenario where Bowzie Brandon, who has the opportunity of his life, is then is faced with the choice to participate in the movement. That was the jumping off point for the play.

What kind of research did you do? I wanted to focus on first-hand accounts of the time. I spoke a lot with Matthew Walker Jr. They made sure that I knew that they were invested in my career and not just this one play.

Roundabout knows how to nurture writers.

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Who are your influences as a writer? My two biggest influences are Toni Morrison and Whoopi Goldberg. Goldberg has always been able to mix humanity and humor, which I also strive to do.His play Too Heavy for Your Pocket was the recipient of the Laurents/Hatcher Foundation Award, winner of the Alliance/Kendeda National Graduate Playwriting Competition National Graduate Playwriting Competition, and had an extended off-Broadway run at the Roundabout Theatre.

He was a recipient of the Edgerton Foundation New Play Awards and. The Jag was a finalist in the Laurents Hatcher Award Competition. The play was also a finalist in the Premiere Playwright’s Contest hosted by Kean University in Release Point was a finalist for the Thomas Barbour Memorial Playwright’s Award.

Feb 15,  · The Laurents/Hatcher Foundation Award is among the most generous in playwriting, and it is intended for emerging writers.

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Mr. Talbott, 46, has written only a few plays and, as a playwright, still lacks an agent. His plays include Too Heavy for Your Pocket (Roundabout Theatre Company production, Alliance Theatre production, Kendeda Playwriting Prize, & Laurents/Hatcher Foundation Award), The Dancing Granny (Alliance Theatre production), and Some Bodies Travel (co-written with Tori Sampson.) Television: New Amsterdam.

MFA: Yale School of Drama. Yale Drama Series. The Yale Drama Series is an annual international competition for emerging playwrights. The winner receives the David Charles Horn prize of $10,, publication of their manuscript by Yale University Press and a professional staged reading.

Ayad Akhtar is . He is currently the Playwriting Fellow of the Department of Theatre and Creative Writing at Emory University. “Our panel unanimously felt the enormous skill and power of Jiréh Breon Holder’s play.

It’s a most worthy recipient of this award,” added David Saint, president of the Laurents Hatcher Foundation.

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