Improve the world

Once one gets interested in world improvement, there is no stopping it. With a great sense of play as well as purpose, Cage traverses vast territory, from the domestic minutiae of everyday life to ideas about how to feed the world. Originally typed on an IBM Selectric, Cage used chance operations to determine not only the word count and the application of various typefaces but also the number of letters per line, the patterns of indentation, and—in the case of Part Three published as a Great Bear Pamphlet by Something Else Press—color.

Improve the world

Continue Reading Below Advertisement For all of our medical advances, some of the world's biggest killers are run-of-the-mill viral infections. Respiratory diseases like influenza and pneumonia are the third most common way to die worldwideas they take out up to half a million people per year and you're doubly screwed if you live in a poorer country.

And let's face it: We suck at disease prevention. We live our lives like we're still completely in the dark about how these things spread -- we go to work sick, we cough on each other on the train, we don't think to disinfect shit like our keyboards and doorknobs unless somebody sneezes on them right in front of us and hell, probably not even then.

Continue Reading Below Advertisement But the truth is that you don't have to wear one of those sterile space suits if you want to stop the spread of your unholy pestilence -- it just takes a few really simple and almost effortless steps. Washing your hands frequently is a great start, but here's one that's even easier: Getty Note our selection of the word "smash.

Coughs and sneezes create overlapping transmission opportunities, as they're a triple whammy of infected air and snot droplets that blast out of your pie-hole and splatter onto nearby surfaces. Blocking a cough with your hand or a tissue isn't entirely effective, since the air rushes around your fingers or directly through the tissue.

But more than a few researchers have found that using your upper arm or elbow as a sneeze guard actually restricts more transmission avenues than any other method short of locking yourself in a bunker until your cold passes.

Continue Reading Below Advertisement Scientists reviewing high-speed video footage of people coughing noticed that your arm does a few unique things that hands and tissues can't quite achieve.

To start, it drastically slows down the speed of air exiting the body, which lowers the velocity of droplets trying to get as far away from you as possible. It also splits and redirects the airflow so that droplets have limited directions to go instead of the usual "anywhere within noseshot.

Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement " Sleezing " isn't a foolproof practice, and it's no substitute for vaccination -- but it's enough to make scientists and medical professionals worldwide sit up and take notice.

Everyone from the Center for Disease Control to the freaking MythBusters have endorsed sleeve-sneezing.

Improve the world

And all it requires is an arm -- preferably your own, but a total stranger's will do in a pinch. Obviously these metals are considered "precious" for a reason -- there is a limited amount of them in the world, and obtaining more of them is a huge pain in the ass.

Specifically, it requires massive, highly elaborate mining operations that, oh by the way, create tons of waste products. Getty "But at least I can poop and watch Castle simultaneously.

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So there's quite a bit of environmental baggage attached to your shiny new iPhone, and odds are you're going to dump it for a new one in a year or two. The same goes for your laptop -- where you find circuit boards, you find elements that had to be ripped out of the Earth at great cost to people and the environment.

The good news is that even if your phone or computer is outdated, the minerals used to make them are still periodic-table fresh.

The gold, copper, silver, palladium, and other precious metals contained in aging electronics can all be melted down and reused as raw materials for the electronics of the future. Circuit boards, for example, contain anywhere from 30 to 40 times more copper than what you'd get out of the equivalent weight of mined ore.

Gold is even better, since circuit boards hold up to times an equal amount of gold ore dug up from underground mines. Technology manufacturing has already done the work by putting these resources in one place; the only thing left to do is recycle them once we've finished.

Surely we're not getting rid of electronics quickly enough to meet the demand. Anywhere from to million cellphones are tossed into the trash each year in America alone. Considering that 1 million phones produce about 35 kilograms of gold, phone recycling has a higher output than many gold-producing nations.

Only 1 percent of those phones are recycled. And that's just phones. The EPA reports that inapproximately 2. That includes televisions, computers, printers, and even computer mice. Recycling these items could provide incentives to cut down on the environmental waste produced by mining operations and prevent electronic waste salvagers in developing nations from risking their lives for a pittance.

Getty "You have 8 pounds of gold and you lost three fingers.How To Improve the World in Characters.

5 Ways You Can Improve the World With Almost No Effort |

By Callie Schweitzer. March 13, TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Get the World Cup the hell out of Qatar: The World Cup is going to a blip of land that it’s already been widely established was obtained through bribery.

It’s a . These 6 Charts Show How the World is Improving View the high resolution version of today’s graphic by clicking here. It only takes a few minutes of cable news to get the feeling that the world is heading into a tailspin.

It's a simple fact: Innovation makes the world better—and more innovation equals faster progress. That belief drives the work my wife, Melinda, and I are doing through our foundation.

Jul 13,  · These values and your drive to improve the world as a whole help enhance your credibility with buyers. Similarly, CSR helps educate, inform and raise awareness of causes globally.

Many of us are. When we recognise the positive impact that we have on others’ lives, and that they have on ours, the world becomes a brighter place. It really is the little things we do .

These 6 Eye-Popping Charts Show How the World is Improving