Honor your veterans essay

The corporal, an assistant gunner, had been assigned to Headquarters and Service Company of the 1st Battalion, 9th Marines, 3rd Marine Division. Survivors included his parents, two brothers and two sisters.

Honor your veterans essay

Americans honor military veterans for their service, sacrifice and commitment. When you write an expository essay on why Americans honor veterans, focus on the important role soldiers and military leaders play in society.

Honor your veterans essay

Without veterans' willingness to serve and their devotion to ideals, such as equality, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Americans wouldn't be able to celebrate many of the religious, economic and social freedoms they currently enjoy.

Even if you don't support all of the wars the United States has participated in, you can list reasons why military personnel and veterans deserve to be recognized.

A Candid Thesis Create a thesis that clearly explains why Americans honor veterans. The thesis must be concise and focused, so readers know what to expect from your paper. For example, your thesis might say, "Americans pay tribute to veterans because they sacrificed their time and personal lives to make America safe for democracy," or "Veterans deserve admiration, respect and recognition for their bravery, devotion and leadership during military endeavors.

Expository Examples An essay on why Americans honor veterans is expository in nature, meaning it doesn't require a huge amount of statistical data or factual evidence. There's no exact answer as to why Americans recognize veterans, so some of your essay might include personal opinions or observances.

However, your paper will seem more credible if you include factual information, such as why Veterans Day was established, why military personnel receive special funeral rituals or why veterans qualify for no-down-payment home mortgages.

These types of benefits help prove that veterans are treated with respect and dignity even after they retire or no longer serve on active duty. Sincere Appreciation Include some creativity and heart-felt gratitude in your essay, so readers empathize with the sacrifices veterans have made.

Honor your veterans essay

For example, you might discuss the hardships military families face, such as having to relocate frequently or not being able to see loved ones for extended periods or time. Or, you might talk about how some veterans are forced to cope with war injuries, amputated limbs, disabilities or post-traumatic stress disorder after they return home.

Veterans put their lives at risk for others who never had to witness or experience the mental, emotional and physical stress of war themselves.

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A Well-Structured Argument The purpose of your essay is to present logical, believable reasons as to why honoring veterans is a reasonable practice. You might think of your expository essay as if it were a debate -- does your argument clearly offer evidence as to why this societal observance is an important part of American culture?

For example, you might discuss the importance of heroism and patriotism. Or, you might discuss why this type of social service serves the common good. Conclude your essay with information that inspires readers to honor veterans themselves or leaves a lasting impression, such as a famous quote from a military leader, veteran or U.We make sure that you and your classmates will excel while supporting each other in reaching beyond conventional thinking and becoming the industry-shaping leaders of tomorrow.

The cost of college is skyrocketing. To help make your degree affordable we have collected 70 scholarships for military, veterans, and their families.

Veterans Day. Today and everyday we are grateful for our Military service personnel, past and present, and the families that support them. Founded in , Vietnam Veterans of America is the only national Vietnam veterans organization congressionally chartered and exclusively dedicated to Vietnam-era veterans and their families.

Founded in , Vietnam Veterans of America is the only national Vietnam veterans organization congressionally chartered and exclusively dedicated to Vietnam-era veterans and their families. The Post-9/11 GI Bill. Veterans with an honorable discharge who served in the military for at least 90 days after September, 10, are eligible to receive education benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs Post-9/11 kaja-net.com funds that you receive are based off of the amount of time served.

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