Essay on leadership challenges in indian army

This handbook is designed to help new drill sergeants conquer the many challenges of their assignment and succeed in their mission of training Soldiers.

Essay on leadership challenges in indian army

Nikita Bhatia In this day and age of entrepreneurship, there are startups that take care of basic needs such as food, clothes, and a roof for shelter. India is seeing a growth phase under the leadership of able people.

However, there still exist many challenges that need to be addressed. To solve these challenges and problems, the country as a whole must be engaged, and talent must be brought from outside the government domain, especially where domain knowledge or entrepreneurial leadership is required.

People who are passionate create great things, and companies that aspire to solve bigger problems do much better than those who just look around for funding and money.


A combination of talent and diverse experiences backed by strong political will are the key ingredients to coming up with out-of-the-box solutions to address the many challenges we face as a developing country.

We look at some of the real issues in India that startups can aim to address. Instant access to healthcare One of the most critical needs today is access to good healthcare.

Billions around the world, particularly people in the Indian subcontinent, struggle because they do Essay on leadership challenges in indian army get proper access to healthcare. Even those with access have a sour experience. We have apps that let us book movie tickets and seats in a jiffy or even find that perfect restaurant!

However, finding doctors is still unbelievably tough. Patient records are either maintained in fat files or if they are online, they are often not accessible or understandable. Doctors do not usually have the time to go through all the reports and this may lead to a compromise on the health front.

Health-based startups can address a lot of issues plaguing instant access to healthcare in India. Healthcare is undergoing a major change and smartphones will soon replace doctors for more than 80 percent of health-related problems!

Private car ownership has exploded and so has the surge of taxi majors like Ola in cities with 20, vehicles on its platform and Uber announcing billions investment to expand in India. The explosive growth of newer options such as Uber and Ola shows there is a massive need for public transport options because not everyone can afford these cab services, and private enterprises can fill the breach left by state-sponsored infrastructure.

Sanitation Lack of sanitation is a major problem in developing countries like India.

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Much deliberation has given way to the fact that the private sector is needed to tackle sanitation service problems. It is imperative to invest in solutions by offering different sanitation products and services at appropriate prices. Improved sanitation is considered to be a huge market for private businesses, since 2.

An increased focus on sanitation and hygiene is something that can be a motivating idea for startups. Sulabh is a glaring example of a startup that began work in this area and has today raised the benchmark for many others in this field.

Waste management Urban areas of India generate 1,88, tonnes of municipal solid waste More than 80 percent of this waste reaches open dumpsites causing public health issues, environmental degradation, and resultant climate change.

Plastic and e-waste form the major chunk of this waste, with minimal facilities to take care of such environment degrading substances. India needs to find solution to these problems. Fresh and innovative ideas in consonance with the ambitious Swachh Bharat Abhiyan are required to solve this problem, which otherwise can have drastic repercussions in the near future.

New technologies have the potential to revolutionise the way air pollution research and policy are conducted, with a more efficient people-focussed approach.

Technology can also help harness new sources of energy. One major source of environmental emissions are cars. This commute itself contributes to increased traffic and air pollution.

India needs smarter transportation options as well, and this is where startups can pitch in apart from other ways to tackle pollution. One such way is carpooling; this will have a two-way benefit in the form of reducing pollution both air and noise and the traffic on the roads.

The odd-even traffic rule imposed by the Delhi government to combat toxic air pollution in the national capital also kicked off on a good note. An MoU signed between the Delhi government and University of Chicago in December was a step aimed at combating the pollution levels in the city.

Essay on leadership challenges in indian army

The best idea would be rewarded with a seed fund of Rs 2 crore. Startups are now making a beeline to address this issue and they are the best in the field both in terms of technology and intelligence. Smart Air Filters, a Delhi-based startup, produces an indoor air purifier that is highly effective against PM 2.

Easy access to quality education Higher education in India was earlier limited to only a handful of people who could afford training and coaching.

Coaching institutes and classes were meant only for some.India is seeing a growth phase under the leadership of able people. However, there still exist many challenges that need to be addressed.

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