Essay for xat 2011

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Essay for xat 2011

List of 5 sample essays for xat paper Nirmala Advertisements: List of 5 sample essays for xat paper on 1. What were the objects of the U. State the comprehensive structural reforms undertaken to improve the Indian economy since Sample essays for xat 1.

Among he factors posing a serious threat to democracy economic backwardness is of much importance.

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But poverty does lead to destabilization of other kinds. There may be mass migration from one part of the country to the other in search of jobs and other facilities. One of the ill effects of global warming is thought to be the rise in the sea level due to melting of glaciers and ice-caps at poles.

This will result in the submergence of low-lying geographical regions. Global warming activates the hydrological cycle along with the warming of the environment. It brings forth unpredictable climate change causing drought at certain places and cyclones and heavy shower at some places.

The global warming is likely to reduce the availability of agricultural land as river deltas may be inundated due to rise in sea level. Agricultural pests may prosper to cause widespread damage to crop at increased temperature.

Several global initiatives have been taken to tackle the problem of global warming. The latest among them is the Kyoto Protocol.

List of 5 sample essays for xat paper

To give effect to the Paris peace settlements, the UN took the charge to conduct peaceful and fair elections in Cambodia. Before the elections, there was widespread pessimism in many countries about the elections.

But to be fair enough, the United Nations Transitional Authority for Cambodia UNTAC performed a commendable job in conducting the elections with 90 per cent of the registered voter turn-out. Main objects of the UN were as follows: The UN was greatly successful in conducting elections in Cambodia, viewing the percentage of voter turn-out.

It also largely remained violence-free. But the role of the Khmer Rouge has been dubious, which casts a shadow on the prospects of peace in Cambodia.

It also signed the Paris peace agreement in and as a signatory it should have helped in implementing the agreement.

Essay for xat 2011

Instead, it remained a prisoner of its own past image. Moreover, the constituent assembly would face major challenge in bringing different forces in Cambodian polity into the mainstream of democracy and peaceful public life.

This challenge would be minimised, if all renegade forces form a part of national re-conciliation. Since the Cambodian economy has been in doldrums for the last 14 years, people are facing financial hardships. At this juncture there is a need to revive the shattered economy with full utilisation of natural resources and less dependence on international aid.

Thus, now onwards, after the successful completion of elections, the future of Cambodia rests on the shoulders of the people of Cambodia. India being the largest democracy, home to one sixth of mankind, fourth largest economy, one of the largest peace-keeping contributor to the UN and given its credentials world peace and interests of the developing countries, rightly deserves a permanent seat in the UN Security Council.

As a result, India has been campaigning for last few years at different world forums and bilateral meeting with the different countries to bring the issue to centre stage in which she has largely succeeded. The world at large has accepted to expand UN Security council.

India, along with Japan, Germany and Brazil has formed a group of Four Nation to push ahead this agenda. The African Union has also introduced as separate resolution in this regard and talks are still going on between G-4 and AU to present a combine front, through much has not come out of it as yet.

However, few countries like Pakistan, Argentina, South Korea, and Italy have also formed a coffee club to oppose G- 4 resolution. Talks are going on with these countries too on an individual level.

State the comprehensive structural reforms undertaken to improve the Indian economy since The Indian economy since has been undergoing constant and drastic economic reforms. These reforms have resulted in a shift from the inward-oriented policy of the past to an outward-looking one.

The trend towards a liberal economic policy had funded its full expression in the early s with the Government of India announcing a series of packages of stabilisation and structural policy reforms.

The current economic policy reforms seems to have been guided mainly by concerns regarding the globalisation of the Indian economy, in proving internal and external competitiveness, private sector participation and removal of inadequacies or constraints.

At present, the plans focus on growth targets per capita income of GDP, and the development strategy is to be indirectly planning to promote the private sector.Write a business essay xat. Research policy paper interview questions essay support paragraph university (essay about child prodigy clinton) describe about a person essay jordans.

Free trade in developing countries essay essay about roles kindness to animals. XAT Analysis XAT had questions this year. The time allotted for the test was minutes and 20 additional minutes for writing an essay. 3/3/ XAT Analysis XAT Analysis poetry based question has made a comeback in essay topic was also presented in a different manner this year – an argument was given and one had to present a judgement on the argument along with justifications and examples in words.


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sludge.3/3/ ANSWER KEY XAT . Past Year XAT Essay Topics and Model Essay. XAT essay writing is unique as it is a part of the first stage of the admission process, unlike WATs of IIMs and IIFT Essay, which form a component of the GD/ PI stage. Thus, every candidate appearing for the XAT has to prepare for the Essay.

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