Comparison between the character and behaviour of my little sister gris and my older sister rita

NickTheHun Ravel Phenex, professional little sister, gamed the system too hard and ended up a little too strong. A semi-SI story Rated: They start by looking up at you with adoring eyes while lavishing praises on all your perceived virtues. You try to meet their expectations.

Comparison between the character and behaviour of my little sister gris and my older sister rita

After Harry wins a Pyrrhic Victory as well, once again thanks to Dumbledore, Gaia comes in to collect what was promised The test wasn't for Dumbledore to defeat Voldemortsince that was Harry's task, but to defeat the darkness within himself, by raising Harry personally, in a loving home.

And with all the consequences, she deems his actions sufficient for him to be killed, obliterated and retconned out of existence.

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In the Durarara Crossover Game of the FutureHarry has been manipulated emotionally by Dumbledore rather than the usual suspects: Ron and Hermione spy on him for Dumbledore as well. Nine years later, Snape finds Harry living in Japan as an information broker by the name of one Izaya Orihara ; his only interest in the Wizarding World is to manipulate it.

Ron, in the meantime, has been beating up Hermione in a typical showing of this trope. Harry overhears Dumbledore's plan to sacrifice him to Voldemort, which turns him to darkness and causes him to have some issues.

In the likely Troll Fic Genesis: Uncle Vernon regularly gifts Harry with lashes and cigarette burns. The caretakers at Tom's orphanage also regularly whip, rape, and cannibalize their students. Dumbledore also completely ignores regular abuse including gangrape at Hogwarts. Dumbledore also bound Petunia's magic to make her a Squib, tried to brainwash Harry into killing himself although whether he did so knowingly is disputedand tried to force Harry to marry and be bound to Ginny regardless of the fact that he's already married to Bellatrix, Tonks, and his own mother.

In the story's climax, Voldemort reveals his Freudian Excuse — that he was gang-raped by Muggle-born students. Nobody cares, and McGonagall just tells him to shut up. Inverted with Lily Potter, who due to some Timey-Wimey Ball thing is not a Muggle-born, but rather the daughter of Grindelwald, who was actually Hitler.

She's Affably Evilwhich is better than the rest of the protagonists. James, meanwhile, is a dick for effectively raping Lily using Imperius, and the same Timey-Wimey Ball means he's not Harry's father — Harry is. It's that kind of story.

In The Ghost of Lily PotterGinny uses Polyjuice Potion to pose as Harry's mother while insulting Snape and telling him no one could ever love him, Imperiuses three male Slytherins into raping Harry in an attempt to make him " stop being gay ", and molests him in the hospital wing afterwards.

Ghost Of Youwritten by the same authors as My Immortal, has some truly unique examples: Hermione's parents are abusive kidnappers to quote the author, " this is possible because it is never implied that it's NOT true ''.

Luna Lovegood is an evil Hilary Duff prep. The Girl Who Lived does this in a truly bizarre fashion.

Comparison between the character and behaviour of my little sister gris and my older sister rita

At first, Ron is more or less his canon self, but as the story progresses, most of his good moments are handed off to Hermione, Neville, Rose.

This left Ron as a lazy idiot who begged Rose to let him copy her homework, only for her to roll her eyes and condescendingly tell him to do it himself. The author also makes his bad moments like the fight in The Goblet of Fire appear far worse than they are, giving Rose the chance to fight back.

Ginny, meanwhile, is initially presented as Rose's best friend and fellow Druidess, but after the author's rewrite of Order of the Phoenixshe appears to lose with favor with the author and by extension Rose ; she's more or less replaced by Luna.

In the brief amount of time she's shown in Half Blood Princeshe's a jealous shrew who wrongly picks on Fleur and gets yelled at by Rose. The author is a committed Harmonianwhich explains the Ron and Ginny bashing. In the other Girl Who Lived Rose Potter story, a middle-aged Harry ends up transported into an Alternate Universe where he's a girl, and he finds himself physically aged-down to 17, and begins a romantic relationship with Rose.

Several characters are made out to be unnecessarily paranoid about Rose's change in behavior, but the crowning achievement comes with Dumbledore. After Rose duels and tortures Voldemort and delivers him as a mangled, barely-alive body to Dumbledore, she kills Voldemort.

Comparison between the character and behaviour of my little sister gris and my older sister rita

The Golden Age sells itself as a Deconstruction but is really more of a Hate Ficas the author admits to finding very few canon characters likable. Harry is a nigh-lunatic Shell-Shocked Veteran with no idea of how to live in a peaceful world.» I’m the Little Sister and the Big Sister: The Plight of My Middle Child | Modern Cloth Diapers Kate just turned three.

Comparing Yourself to Your Brother or Sister

She has an older sister, Lauren who is five and a younger brother, Cooper who is seven weeks. A little sister here! ‍♀️ I’m the youngest of 3 and my Big Brother is the middle child and the only boy in the family. All I could say is that, I am beyond blessed! Growing up with an older sister and a big brother meant I experienced both the tra.

I'm the Little Sister and the Big Sister: The Plight of My Middle Child | Thirsties Baby

Jun 15,  · Having An Older Sister Can Change Siblings' Lives, Study Finds According to the research: men who have older sisters, on average, are less competitive than men who don't. And women who have older. Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity.

Find stories, updates and expert opinion. Character Traits Users Threads Posts history; discussions (10) Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai: Original title: 俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない: Aliases: My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute, Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, Ore Imō, Oreimo: Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni.

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Like a little sister sould (gaara x sisterl reader) My little sister. Sunrayasa cause if anyone trys they will feel the fury of my sand and I will make sure if it kills me that who ever trys to harm my little sis will not make it out of my sand.

alive that I promise.

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