An overview of the poem dear john dear coltrane by michael harper

Email this page Acclaimed poet and teacher Michael S. Harper was born inin Brooklyn, New York. My travels made me look closely at the wealth of human materials in my own life, its ethnic richness, complexity of language and stylization, the tension between stated moral idealism and brutal historical realities, and I investigated the inner reality of those struggles to find the lyrical expression of their secrets in my own voice.

An overview of the poem dear john dear coltrane by michael harper

Harper is an African-American poet whose work is influenced not only by other writers, such as Sterling A. Harper says he resisted traditional forms see prosody and free versebecause metrical verse "forced an accommodation to the mechanics of the count.

Harpers poetic language is uniquely conversational and musical. Harper was born in Brooklyn, New York.

An overview of the poem dear john dear coltrane by michael harper

Dear John, Dear Coltranehis first book of poetry, was published in and was nominated for the National Book Award. He was selected as the first state poet of Rhode Island Although Harper's point of view is very personal, cultural issues of black America are the primary subject of his body of work.

Several poems recount incidents of racism, not only against blacks but also against Hispanics and American Indians. A strong sense of family informs many of Harper's poems, particularly the poignantly rendered poems about the death of his newborn son.

In "Reuben, Reuben"Harper shows how music can be a salve for those in pain. For solace he reaches out for music.

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He finds that jazz provides comfort and something else. Where there is emptiness, "the music, jazz, comes in," giving voice and expression to the speaker's unutterable grief. In his willingness to address difficult social issues in a strikingly personal way, Michael Harper plays an important role in moving poetry forward.

He chose the cadence of everyday language and music over the metrics of traditional verse, creating a poetic language that is true to the world he portrays.Get this from a library!

Dear John, dear Coltrane: poems. [Michael S Harper]. Michael S. Harper was born in Brooklyn, New York, in He earned a B.A. and M.A. from what is now known as California State University, and an M.F.A.

- Dear John, Dear Coltrane by Michael S Harper

from the University of Iowa. He has published more than ten books of poetry, most recently Selected Poems (ARC Publications, ); Songlines. Analysis of The Waterbowl by Michael S. Harper I have selected the poem titled "The Waterbowl" by Michael S.

Harper from his collection Dear John, Dear Coltrane. Part of the reason why I have selected this poem is for its simplicity. Simplicity is a quality that I truly value in poem. While I first met Michael Harper in in Al Young's poetry workshop at Stanford University-Michael no doubt read that day poems that would soon appear in Dear John, Dear Coltrane, his first book-our affection and our work together did not begin until when we met again at the summer institute on W.

E. B. Du Bois at the University of Iowa.


Dear John, Dear Coltrane by Michael S Harper. Univ of Illinois Pr Trd, Paperback. Good. Michael S. Harper reads poetry from his first book Dear John, Dear Coltrane among other work.

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