An introduction to the case of the trosack family

Elder Care Case Study Elder Care - Case Study The objectives of this study are to discuss how social isolation can affect an older adult's recovery from surgery or illness and to identify safety issues when older adults return home from the hospital after a major illness or surgery. This work will additionally assess the safety of an older adults living environment in a given scenario and determine appropriate discharge placement for an older adult based on a given physical or psychological status.

An introduction to the case of the trosack family

Trosack is a 72 year old man who fell down a long flight of stairs a month ago, underwent a total hip replacement and is in need of a discharge plan.


He completed two weeks of rehabilitation in the hospital for his hip as well as diabetic teaching for his new onset of Diabetes.

It was also discovered during this hospitalization that he needed to start taking medication for hypertension.

Both he and his family are in denial about what it will take to get him home and deliver the care that is needed.

Healthcare Issues and their Importance Discharge planning and management with an elderly person can become very complicated and should be approached with an open mind and the willingness to compromise with the family and patient himself, keeping in mind that the safety of the patient is top priority.

Trosack can safely be discharged home several issues have to be considered. It is important that the case manager meet with the patient, his family as well as find out about the details of where he will be going and how much assistance from family and friends is available and dependable.

One of the issues that needs attention is his physical preparation to move back home.

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In his current state, he is not able to take care of himself without help. Based on the interview of his son and daughter in law, as well as taking into consideration their lack of help prior to the surgery, it doesnt appear that they will be able to visit him often or consistently.

That will not work immediately because Mr. Trosack will need daily assistance, for several more weeks. A rehabilitation center may be his best option in order to ensure his safety and avoid another fall.

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He will be able to continue physical therapy sessions in order to continue to improve as well as round the clock help when needed. He would receive more stair climbing training, hip strengthening exercises as well as gait training.

Attending the rehab program would also allow him to socialize with people facing similar obstacles and adjusting to a new way of living. An Occupational Therapist OT can be consulted to assist with adjusting to his activities of daily living.

Continued monitoring of his new medications as well as extra help with blood sugar monitoring may help him deal with the denial of his new onset of Diabetes and Hypertension. The specialists at the rehab center will be able to assess and determine when Mr. Trosack is ready to go home and can be independent with minimal assistance.

Preparing him properly the first time can avoid other accidents as well as motivate him to keep working on his strength and endurance. Another important issue to consider before discharge planning is the safety of his home. Assessing and making changes to his living conditions is a must.

After the safety assessment was completed it was obvious that changes had to be made at home to accommodate a person with new disabilities. Since the apartment is cluttered, it must be cleaned up.

They do not have to be thrown out but they do have to be moved. The kitchen, bathroom, living room, entry way and one bedroom all need to be free of throw rugs, collectables and furniture that blocks the passage of a walker.

There are two rooms in his apartment so one should become a storage area for all of the clutter until Mr. Trosack has moved beyond a walker or cane.

The bathroom needs to have permanent safety rails installed near the toilet and bathtub or shower as well as a non-skid applied to the bathtub surface. The medicine cabinet should be cleaned out and all expired or unnecessary medications discarded or returned to a pharmacy.

The kitchen is in good order but the refrigerator needs to be cleaned and the expired food thrown out. The living area needs to have minimal furniture and placed so things are… Use the order calculator below and get started!

Contact our live support team for any assistance or inquiry.For the case at hand, my personal thought on the issue is that, the Trosack’s are held within a dilemma situation.

An introduction to the case of the trosack family

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The case study we will be researching is that of the Trosack family. Rita and Peter Trosack are 43 and 46 years old respectively. They have been married for six years and are expecting their first child after a challenging two years of trying to conceive. Counseling Essays (Examples) as well as the complex interactions and patterns of communication involved in structural family therapy.

Introduction Mr. Trosack's Case The three main health issues include movement hindrance where by Mr. Trosack will move with the help of a walker.

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Mr. The case study we will be researching is that of the Trosack family. Rita and Peter Trosack are 43 and 46 years old respectively. Genetics and Tay-sachs Essay Introduction to Management and Organizational Behavior MAN Abstract Goldman Sachs is an investment bank that went public in It is still often considered “The.

In this case study we will examine family, social, and intimate (IDT). For the trosack’s Case study, Childbirth, Genetic disorder Words Introduction Case studies are an important research method in areas where innovations are studied.

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