An analysis of the tragedy of oedipus rex by sophocles

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An analysis of the tragedy of oedipus rex by sophocles

They will be encouraged to grapple with a story and start asking questions about it. Using classic texts such as Bulfinch's Mythology, Just So Stories, the fairy tales of Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm in readily available online editions or in printed compliationsstudents develop critical thinking skills that cover the full narrative spectrum of each story, from overarching concepts and plot to fine details and character development.

These stories help students transitioning into their teenage years to develop an awareness to social structures in the world at large. Reading for both overarching themes and for details that support the story, students become literary detectives - seeking out general plot themes and picking apart the minutiae of character, narrative and historical background.

World Literature Focusing on the contents of a single anthology, this course attempts to expose students to the variety of literary genres and types around the world from the earliest times to the present day. We discuss a variety of topics, including the problems of translation, the nature of excerpts, the nature of the hero, the formation of an authorial voice, and genres such as lyric, drama, proverb, myth, and epic.

World Literature Western Literature to Dante This course is unique opportunity for high school students to encounter an extensive selection of literature of the ancient and mediaeval West, from Biblical materials through mediaeval epic and romance.

The course engages the student in a large amount of reading, exploring the larger themes and issues involved with reading such material. This course has been taught sinceand has often been cited by graduating seniors as their favorite class in the literature sequence.

The real emphasis is on reading a large volume of material and getting comfortable with the alien and familiar in cultures separated from us by long stretches of time. Western Literature to Dante English Literature This is an introductory survey of English literature from the earliest survivals to the twentieth century.

We approach the literature historically, tracing the developments of themes, ideas, and techniques of writing, as well as looking at the long and fascinating history of the language itself. The course is built around a very solid textbook, England in Literature, part of the "America Reads" series from Scott, Foresman.

I will supplement the readings along the way with several novels and plays, and some incidental smaller items to be made available online.

An analysis of the tragedy of oedipus rex by sophocles

The course attempts to introduce the student as well to the idea of close reading of texts: In part this is possible because we will be examining most of the texts as they were originally written, with only the occasional minor adjustments for spelling.

The Old and Middle English materials not normally accessible to high school students without considerable specialized language study are given here in modern translations, but beginning in the Renaissance, texts are as originally written.

Throughout the course we try to mold careful and analytical readers, responding to the literature with a discerning and charitable eye. English Literature American Literature American Literature is a survey of American literature from colonial times to the late twentieth century.

Once again, we take a generally historical approach to the material, tracing the development of particular themes, ideas, and techniques of writing, and examining the kaleidoscopic interactions of the many strands of the American population and culture. We especially try to dig into issues of theme and symbolic language in the works of the great nineteenth-century masters Melville and Hawthorne.

It is slightly less thorough than its companion volume England in Literature, which serves as the backbone for English Literature, but I have supplemented its readings quite extensively with outside readings.

Please see the required texts and readings pages for particulars. Contact me about this if you are interested. American Literature Senior English This course attempts to fill some of the gaps left by the other courses in the sequence, and to revisit older authors and topics of particular importance, while helping to build a greater synthetic understanding of literary operations and theory, and a stronger proficiency in writing.

Accordingly it includes some French classicism, the Russian novel, German proto-romanticism, and the English gothic as well as more Shakespeare, Greek tragedy, Hawthorne, Melville, and Austen. We will primarily read modern literature in the western tradition, with a few excursions into areas that seem too important to ignore - some of which are also specially noted as relevant in the College Board's AP materials.

The other point of this class is to address the requirements of the College Board Advanced Placement English program, leading to the AP exam. Taking the AP Exam, however, is not required.

The College Board has begun to audit all curricula offered with the AP label. Having examined their standards, I have decided not to pursue their approval:Her parents and all the company rejoiced and sadness and mourning were changed into joy and gladness.

Thus the merchant learnt family discipline from his Cock and he and his wife lived together the happiest of lives until death" (Burton 14). No one can ever know for sure what Sophocles' intentions were in writing Oedipus Rex, or indeed any of his plays, for that kaja-net.comr, there's no doubt that the play deals with a number of.

Sigmund Freud. Sigmund Freud (May 6, - September 23, ) was an Austrian neurologist who founded the psychoanalytic school of psychiatry. The plot of Sophocles’ great tragedy Oedipus the King (sometimes known as Oedipus Rex or Oedipus Tyrannos) has long been admired.

In his Poetics, Aristotle held it up as the exemplary Greek tragedy. Classical Christian Education for the College-Bound.

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Oedipus Rex, an ancient Greek tragedy authored by the playwright Sophocles, includes many types of psychological phenomena. Most prominently, the myth is the source of the well-known term Oedipal complex, coined by psychologist Sigmund Freud in .

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