An analysis of the rock music from 1950s until the end of 1980s

The Top 40 was full of it: By the s, pop music was part of the fabric of life.

An analysis of the rock music from 1950s until the end of 1980s

As far as I know, this is the first time the project and its data have ever been discussed outside of Usenet. I published an entry about one-hit wonders and pop longevity. History of the Whitburn Project Named after Joel Whitburn and his authoritative Billboard booksthe Whitburn Project began inwhen a group of 15 collectors pooled their resources to create an MP3 collection of every single in the top They experimented with trading the files on P2P networks, but eventually landed in Usenet instead.

The Excel spreadsheets were created to help them verify their collections were complete, with new versions updated and re-uploaded to the newsgroups weekly.

An analysis of the rock music from 1950s until the end of 1980s

Later, other collectors found the spreadsheet and built tools on top of it, including a utility to rename files properly and locate missing songs. Originally, most of the Whitburn Project was simple data entry and fact-checking, but as the project grew, it forked away from the Whitburn books.

We feel that he went off the deep end a little, so will not be following his new numbering scheme. Above is a sample of the top 10 songs fromso you can see the format and fields of the collected data, along with the key explaining each column.

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Scroll to the right to see all the fields. Are pop songs are longer or shorter now than in previous decades? A quick query reveals this chart of average playtimes per year.

Pop songs became shorter in the early s, around the 2: Since then, pop songs have hovered around 4 minutes long.

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How about the length of the perfect pop song? For this, we can look at the mode to find the most common song lengths by decade. For example, in the s, there were 42 songs that were exactly 3:Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years.

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(Analyses, rebuttals and other observations about “The World According to Ronald Reagan” can be posted in the comments section below.). Historical analysis of Gender in History of Rock & Roll. History of Rock & Roll of Rock: "Move Over" Until the s, end of the 20th century, rock—like.

Until the mids the rock scene of most Spanish American countries were not connected, and it was rare for a rock band to gain acclaim and popularity outside its home country.

Argentina, which had the largest national rock scene and music industry, became the birthplace of several influential rock acts. All text copyright Rock Music Timeline. The 's - The Birth of Rock and Roll: Rock & Roll music is born in the 's from a .

By the s, pop music was part of the fabric of life. It was everywhere. On countless new radio stations, on movie soundtracks, in restaurants, in supermarkets and even in lifts.

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