A deeper look at heroism essay

Get Access A Deeper Look at Heroism Hero, a person thought of highly due to extraordinary virtues and characteristics. A hero, in its original context is a person born of divine and mortal parents.

A deeper look at heroism essay

Amidst the conjecture about who is to blame and the gratuitous finger-wagging from anyone who has ever touched a basketball, been in a locker room, or smelled sweat after somebody else played a sport, there has been relative consensus that the Clippers players themselves are faultless.

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But, sometimes an uninformed person gets a keyboard and writes something so flagrantly absurd that it catches, and people actually agree with them. The author, a rapper, seemed to think that the players on the team should have simply boycotted their playoff game after the recording of Sterling and his girlfriend was released last week.

He criticized them and then used that sample as a representative group for ALL black people. He went straight Don Lemon crotchety and brought up how black folks should just start walking off of their jobs when white superiority and privilege threatens or harms black people.

He even cited television shows and magazines as points of trauma which we should spend our personal time combating via mobilized protest.

I think humans are cowards. Not if we want to survive. We need to make history. In fact, we need to set a new standard for heroism. Maybe a standard never before seen in the history of humankind. Extreme situations call for extreme measures, and in modern times our inferiority is ingrained in every single aspect of our lives, from our media, to our religion, to our science, to our public education, to our higher education, to Africa appearing to be the same size as Greenland on all of the maps despite the fact that in reality Africa is 14 times larger.

Racial division is one of their oldest weapons, and media is their latest.

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The idea of global celebrity, and global transference of ideas and perceptions of culture, has never existed the way it does today. I especially like the part about how white people are not our enemy. Whether most people are cowards or not is absolutely irrelevant in this conversation though I highly doubt that young men who were likely raised in mostly single-parent, female-headed households who defied many daunting odds to achieve athletic success in the foremost basketball league in the world would ever be referred to as cowards in any other circumstance.

Because these men were cognizant of their contractual obligations, onlooking fans, mothers, uncles, sisters, and brothers who had sacrificed so much to help them get there, and the stadium staffers whose livelihood was dependent on them showing up, they are somehow cowardly.

I find it so incredibly flawed to assert that these young men were obligated to risk their own career longevity by boycotting a singular game because of a recording when Sterling had exhibited a hatred for black people and other people of color for so long. Somehow, this was deemed weighty enough to be the collapsing, unbearable straw weighing on the backs of these players?

Miss me with that. Black people are the epitome of courageous. Stiviano, to the media. In other words, a white person did something about white racism.

Which, in my opinion, is how it should be.


Any white person not taking a stand against racism is the true coward. Though I find the punishment laughable I would have preferred Sterling be sent to Skid Row or Inglewood to perform community service for the rest of his life with an accompanying public apologyit focused on Sterling himself rather than the players who played no role in his actions.

So, how about we not Mr. I call foul sir.“Now, there are some things that will change,” Cooper says somberly, and Deputy Hawk, who has always been (somewhat stereotypically) the character most receptive to the supernatural, nods gravely at him, seeming to understand. Cooper and the newly revealed Diane look at the clock and see that the minute hand is stuck at —which, in The Return, is “the number of completeness,” the.

Compare and contrast images of heroism in these two poems. Heroism is a trait that we seem to have no problem identifying, yet when asked to define what a hero is a myriad of answers emerge.

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A Deeper Look at Heroism. Hero, a person thought of highly due to extraordinary virtues and characteristics.

A deeper look at heroism essay

A hero, in its original context is a person born of divine and mortal parents. A Deeper look at “Terrorist” Groups in The Middle East Decorated with ribbons and medals a returning soldier is widely appreciated for their efforts endured during battle, they are named a survivor, even a hero.

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