33 chilean miners trapped

People saw the pictures of the rescue and they thought our hell was over Mario Sepulveda Five years and three months after they emerged from their subterranean prison there are simply degrees of bad.

33 chilean miners trapped

August 5, - A collapse of the main ramp into the San Jose mine leaves 33 miners trapped 2, feet underground. Emergency officials are unable to communicate with the trapped miners. August 7, - Rescuers face a setback when another cave-in blocks the path they were using to reach the miners.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera travels to Copiapo, where the mine is located, to meet with officials.

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August 22, - The miners send a note up tied to a probe which was lowered by authorities earlier in the day. Written in red ink, it reads, "We are fine in the shelter, the 33 of us. Rescuers are now capable of relaying communications and can send food and water to miners. Before this, the miners survive by sharing small amounts of tuna and mackerel that were in the shelter, along with water.

August 24, - Experts from NASA and Chilean navy submarine experts are called to help address the psychological toll the isolation can take on the miners. August 26, - Miners send a video message to their families expressing thanks for the efforts under way to free them.

August 27, - Miners are told for the first time of the lengthy process rescuers expect it will take to extract them from the mine. Officials announce that they are working on a "Plan B", which could help speed up the rescue process.

33 chilean miners trapped

August 29, - Each of the trapped miners is given about 20 seconds to speak directly with family members for the first time since the accident. August 31, - Plan A drilling starts. The drill is usually used for boring water holes.

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September 6, - Rescue officials temporarily stop the Plan B initial drill due to a damaged drill bit. September 9, - Miners record a new video to show their families a glimpse of what their routines are like. The three-minute clip shows them in good spirits.

September 14, - Elizabeth Segovia, wife of trapped miner Ariel Ticona, gives birth to a girl she names Esperanza, Spanish for hope. September 17, - The Plan B bore hole reaches the 33 miners. However, the hole is only 12 inches wide and will need to be widened on a second pass.

September 22, - The Plan C drill starts drilling. September 25, - The rescue capsule expected to haul the miners back to the surface arrives at the mine.

September 28, - The Plan B drill passes the halfway point to the trapped miners. September 30, - Rescue crews successfully test the capsule. One test subject declares it "comfortable.

Crews could reach the miners between October 15 and October Officials earlier predict the date might be as far away as November or Christmas.

October 5, - Rescuers say they are within meters of the trapped miners. October 6, - Two additional capsules and a winch, a device used for winding and tension adjustments, arrive at the mine site.

October 7, - A source close to rescue operations says the Plan B drill is now less than meters from the target. October 9, - The Plan B drill breaks through the roof of the mine. October 12, - During a press conference, Mining Minister Golborne announces that the rescue is expected to begin during "the last quarter" of the day.

October 13, - The first miner rescued, Florencio Antonio Avalos Silva, 31, reaches the surface at about July 25, - Representatives for the rescued miners announce that the official and authorized film rights to their story have been sold to producer Mike Medavoy. The government chose which miners would receive the lifetime pensions based on health, age and the opinion of the group of survivors.

August 1, - Chilean prosecutors announce they have closed the investigation into the mining disaster without filing any charges. October 14, - The group of miners, who are in Rome promoting a new film about the mine disaster, "The 33," pose for photos and present gifts to Pope Francis at the Vatican.In , 33 miners were stuck for 69 days 2, feet below ground when the main ramp into the a copper and gold mine in northern Chile collapsed.

All the miners were rescued.

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This week they. Watch video · Johnny Barrios, one of 33 Chilean miners trapped 2, feet underground for 69 days in - but unlike the others, he was probably safer below as two warring women waited for him above.

Chilean miners are rescued after 69 days underground On this day in , the last of 33 miners trapped nearly half a mile underground for more than two months at a caved-in mine in northern Chile.

33 chilean miners trapped

All 33 Chilean miners rescued Celebrations erupted Wednesday night as the last of the 33 miners trapped in a Chilean mine for more than two months was rescued. 6 rescue workers also brought to the. Aug 06,  · Watch video · A docudramatic account of the Chilean mine disaster is presented, where the thirty-three miners who went into the San José Mine in Copiapó, Chile in the middle of the Atacama Desert on August 5 were trapped meters underground for sixty-nine days, with all thirty-three eventually able to make it out of the mine alive/10(K).

Oct 13,  · The 33 trapped Chilean miners will have to aid their own escape, clearing thousands of tons of rock that will fall as the rescue hole is drilled, the engineer in charge of drilling said Sunday.

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